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Boalloy offers a comprehensive parts service from our on-site store in Congleton.
These can be ordered with ease by telephoning/e-mailing our aftersales department.
If the part you require is not shown below we may still be able to help!

Boalloy Parts Orders
t: 01260 275 151

Part Number: LH001

L-Shaped Shutter Door Handle

Dimensions: 90 degree operation. Shaft 105 x 7.8mm. Handle 101mm

Part Number: TH001

T-Shaped Shutter Handle

Dimensions: 90 degree operation. Shaft 165mm x 7.8mm. Handle 60mm

Part Number: BD10 G01

19mm Ply-metal Doors

Dimensions: Made to Measure

Part Number: SLDR-G01

Spring Loaded Door Retaining Bar


Part Number: BRDLK-G01

Bloxwich Rear Door Locking Kit


Part Number: BPH-P01

Black Plastic Handle


Part Number: RS-G01

Rocking Staple


Part Number: BS-S01

Black Staple


Part Number: DRW-G01

Door Retaining Wire


Part Number: NDCKRH-G01

Normanton Rear Door Cam Keeper RH


Part Number: NDCKLH-G01

Normanton Rear Door Cam Keeper LH


After Sales & Parts orders
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Send us details of the parts you require, and
we'll get back to you via email with availability
as soon as possible.

Boalloy Industries Ltd.
Radnor Park Industrial Estate, Back Ln, Radnor Park Industrial Estate, Congleton, Cheshire CW12 4QA

Boalloy Parts Orders
t: 01260 275 151

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