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At our site in Congleton we have a number of second-hand and refurbished trailers for sale:
Please contact us for further information on the trailers below.

2012 Montracon 4.5 Tri-Axle Curtainsiders

Quantity of 2012 Montracon 4.5m Tri-axle Curtainsiders

BPW drums

Pillarless bodies

All in MOT & very good tyres

Refurbished to any colour

For Sale
REF: 19-0038
Tuckaway Taillift

2012 SDC 4.2m with Dhollandia Tuckaway Taillift

2012 SDC 4.2m Tri-axle Curtainsider

with Dhollandia 1500kg Tuck-away Taillift - full loler test

SAF Drums

Aircraft blue

New curtains to be fitted

For Sale
REF: 190029

2013 SDC 4.5m Tri-Axle Curtainsiders

2013 SDC 4.5m tri-axle curtainsiders - choice of 5

BPW drum brakes

9’6” through sides

Supplied with new MOT and refurbished to your colours.


For Sale
REF: 180129

2011 Montracon 4.2 Tri-axle Curtainsider

Choice of 2011 Montracon 4.2m Tri- axle Curtainsiders

BPW & ROR drum brakes

Long test

Refurbed to any colour

For Sale
REF: 19-0031

2011 SDC 4.05m tri-axle Curtainsider

2011 SDC 4.05m tri-axle curtainsiders
BPW drum brakes
Long test

For Sale
REF: T0087

2012 Montracon 4.2 tri-axle Curtainsider

2012 Montracon 4.2m Tri-axle Curtainsider,

BPW drum brakes

12 months MoT

Long MOT

For Sale
REF: 190010

2012 Montracon 4.5m Tri-axle Curtainsider

Choice of 2012 Montracon 4.5m Tri-axle Pillarless Curtainsiders

BPW Drum brakes

All in MoT and have good tyres

Painted into your choice of colour



For Sale
REF: 19-0040

2014 SDC/Lawrence David with Dhollandia Tuckaway Taillift

2014 SDC tri-axle chassis with Lawrence David Pillarless curtainsider body

Dhollanidia 1500kg Tuckaway Taillift - with full loler test

Choice of 4

BPW drum brakes

November MoT

Can be painted into your colours


For Sale
REF: 190049

2012 Montracon 4.2 Tri-axle Curtainsider

2012 Montracon 4.2m tri- axle Curtainsiders

BPW & ROR drum brakes

Long test

Refurbed to any colour

For Sale
REF: 19-0036

2013 Montracon 4.2m Tri-Axle Curtainsider

2013 Montracon 4.2m Tri-axle Curtainsiders

BPW & ROR drum brakes

Long test

Refurbed to any colour

For Sale
REF: 19-0030

Choice of Tri-Axle Flat Beds

Choice of tri-axle Flats

Various ages


Repainted to suit your colours if required

For Sale
REF: 19-0000

2010 Don Bur Step-Frame Double Decks

2010 Don Bur Step-frame Double deck tri-axle Curtainsiders

BPW drum brakes

Fixed 2nd deck

Long MOT’s

Refurbished into your colours

For Sale
REF: 180054

2007 SDC 4.05m Tri Axle Curtainsider

2007 SDC 4.05m Tri-axle Curtainsider

ROR Drum brakes

MoT Oct 19


For Sale
REF: 19-0022

2008 Montracon 4.6m Tri-axle Curtainsider

2008 Montracon 4.6m tri-axle curtainsider
ROR axles
In test
Can refurbish to any colour

For Sale
REF: 18-0085

2012 Montracon 4m Tri-axle Van with Taillift

2012 Montracon 4mtr Tri-axle van

Roller shutter doors with Dhollandia tuck away tail-lift

SAF drums

In test

For Sale
REF: 19-S001

Scissor Lift Skyjack SJ111 4626 Cherry Picker/Access Platform

Sky Jack Scissor Lift  2013, in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Only done 73 hours.

STANDARD FEATURES • Drivable at full height • Variablespeed, rear two wheel hydraulic drive • Dual holding brakes • Proportional controls for drive & lift functions • 1.22 m roll out extension deck • 24VDC power source • Low voltage battery protection • Analog control system •Colour coded and numbered wiring system

For Sale
Used trailers

2009 4.42m overall height SDC tri-axle curtainsiders

Choice of 2009 4.42m SDC tri-axle curtainsiders.
ROR drum brakes
Omega floors, side-skirts, flush rear doors
All in MoT with good tyres
Will re-paint to any colour of your choice

For Sale
REF: T0103

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